is to Feed the poor.
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Mississippi needs your help.
Hunger and Malnutrition is on the rise in Mississippi.
The people in this state need your help and support now. 
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Together we can win the fight
Over hunger & Poverty
We can solve America's hunger problems if everyone commits to sharing resources and caring for each other.
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our Global Food Network
a meal is a click away
search our Growing network of food resources in your community.
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fighting hunger for seniors
millions of seniors struggle
millions of seniors face the threat of hunger, Personal illness and, financial trouble each and everyday. 
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single parent Families
Fighting hunger & Poverty
We have all needed a helping hand in our lives. Start a cycle of positive change by helping others In need.
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Our Mission
End Hunger 

Our mission is to serve meals to individuals and families in the poorest communities around the country.

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Our Research
Hunger and Poverty 

More than 50 million individuals and families live in homes that struggle with hunger every single day.

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$1 Helps Provide 12 Meals

For every dollar donated, Project Feed distributes 12 meals to children, families and seniors who are hungry.

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Building Futures

Project Feed uses 40 percent of resources serve families, seniors and children in the most severely poor areas in North America.

Saving Lives

30 percent of resources increase food supplies, clean water and medical care to the most drought-stricken areas in East Africa.

Growing Hope

20 percent of resources target assistance to those populations in Latin American communities most vulnerable to hunger and illness.

Providing Relief

10 percent of resources provide spiritual support, education and emergency relief to people in the poorest European countries.

How we are
Solving the Problem

Billions of people around the world are starving, despite the world producing more than enough food to feed everyone. What can we do about it?

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Did you know?
In Pennsylvania, 1 in 6
struggles with hunger
Together We Can Solve the Hunger problem
Project Feed is committed to helping people in need, but we can't do it without you. If you believe that no one should go hungry, take the pledge to help fight hunger in your city and community today.
Join The Cause
Fighting Hunger Nationwide.

We are reminded each and every day of a very harsh and severe reality: what should be a basic human right is inaccessible to many. We need you to join our fight and help spread the word. Join Us.

How you can help us
You Can Help Us fight Hunger Now
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Tell your local leaders to visit your local food bank.

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$1 helps provide 12 meals through our network.

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